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Sarm West, London. Studio One

A Quick History
Langdale's founder Bill Ward spent 12 years running the technical operations at the world famous Sarm group of studios owned by legendary music producer Trevor Horn.  In that period Ward headed the team that built some of the finest studios known in the UK, from the multi room studio complex of Sarm West in Notting Hill, London, through to the fabled residential studio that is Hook End Manor. International credits included Sarm West Coast in LA and project studios in Ireland for artists such as Mike Oldfield and Rod Stewart.
Upon leaving Sarm installation company NFK was born to cater for specific top-end projects in the pro-audio market that included private studios for Steve Mac., George Michael, William Orbit and many more.  Commercial facilities were also built at places such as Angel, 750 mph, Factory, Harrogate International Conference Centre, Greenhouse studios in Iceland and Moscow's huge Redhill's studio complex.  Work was also undertaken on many other projects with a diversity of customers ranging from Abbey Road to the RNIBand the Old Bailey.
As markets began to diversify work moved beyond the realm of just pro-audio and into emerging territories such as education, medical and marine.  With this shift a new structure evolved and in 2006 NFK morphed into Langdale Technical Consulting whose aim was to work with more flexibility and ease in both new and traditional markets. 

Redhills, MIHM, Moscow (NFK build)