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Langdale Links


The home of Van Damme cable and the home of service and support that's second to none. Don't bother going anywhere else for anything they sell, after 25 years we've not found anyone else who even gets close to these guys.


The ONLY place we'd recommend for second hand gear, anything vintage or anything obscure. More high tech and vintage knowledge than you'd ever find a use for and a heck of a lot more Funky than Junky.
Did we mention they also sell new gear too ?

www.recordproduction.com      The best independent industry site on the web.  Don't believe us ? Go and have a look.  It's full of industry links and home to a stunning collection of video interviews with music industry icons that no one else could get to talk. A truly unique site. (and we've even nicked a couple of their photos).


SARM WEST, the legendary studio complex in Notting Hill that's home to Madonna, Take That, Coldplay, Robbie Williams and many more in recent times and with a history that's difficult to match from Bob Marley to Band Aid, Led Zepp to ZTT. 


State of the Art Soho facility that has a cutting edge attitude and a technological edge that makes them rightly one of the most successful facilities in town. Don't be kidded though as they're also just about the friendliest bunch you'll ever find anywhere.   


Described by those who know as the finest residential studio in the world.  The manor house, the equipment lists, the facilities, the staff, the general ambience and the names in the visitor book say it all. The most unique, incredible studio of them all.  


Not only London's newest, not only London's most central and not only our favourite, but also one of the most professional and innovative studios around.  With a mountain of history to the place and more contacts and industry awareness than you can imagine there's simply no one else that does the studio experience any better.  


The ultimate recording studio accessory. You won't be able to blame the gear if you can't get it right.  More hit records than anyone else.

Langdale Downloads

Line-up notes for the Studer A800 Mk III 24-track machine.  These notes are of course applicable to all analogue multitracks and can be applied to 1/4", 1/2", mastering machines etc.

Analogue multitrack line up.pdf

Adding dolbies ?  Then here are the line-up notes for a 24-channel rack, which, like the multitrack notes above are equally applicable to 2-track and mastering.

Dolby rack line-up .pdf



A handy template for doing patchbay layouts when only a pencil and rubber will do the trick.  A blank bantam patch template for you to scribble on at leisure.

Blank bantam patchbay template.pdf



Pin-out details for Mosses & Mitchell's Flexipatch patchbay.

Flexipatch Edac56 pin-out.pdf

more downloads to come soon......