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Langdale has a strong presence in educational facilities.  As schools, colleges and universities have migrated more and more towards 'media' disciplines the need for industry standard facilities has grown. The scale of these investments has been growing rapidly and as the lines between student facilities and commercial client blur, the huge industry experience Langdale offers is more invaluable than ever.


Langdale has recently handled installations of huge music facilities at both Winchester and Westminster Universities, ATMOS facilities at LSBU and SSL Duality installations for both York University and Nottingham’s Confetti group.  Large-scale facility upgrades at the University of West London have also been overseen. The University of the West England’s Digico equipped OB truck was a great example of the more diverse nature of projects handled.


Langdale was also heavily involved in the design and installation of music facilities at Millfield School in Somerset and Gresham’s School in Norfolk both excellent examples of private schools we’ve worked with to achieve the highest standard of facilities available.

Latest Educational advert in conjunction with VDC.

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