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The home of service and support that's second to none. Don't bother going anywhere else for anything they sell, after 30 years we've not found anyone else who even gets close to these guys.

With a history that goes back over 20 years, this multi award winning post production house in the heart of Soho has some incredible facilities combined with a great team of friendly, expert personnel. 

State of the Art facility that is quite possibly also the friendliest in town.  Don't be kidded though they've also a cutting edge attitude and a technological edge that sees them rightly seen as one of the most successful facilities in town.

The ultimate recording studio accessory. You won't be able to blame the gear if you can't get it right.  More hit records than anyone else

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Legendry studio complex in Notting Hill. Home to Madonna, Take That, Coldplay, Robbie Williams and many more in recent times and with a history that's difficult to match.

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Langdale and White Mark have a history that goes back to the very beginnings of both companies.  With 40+ rooms we’ve worked on with White Mark it’s a partnership that works seamlessly with great results from two companies both at the top in their respective fields. 

The ONLY place we'd recommend for second hand gear, anything vintage or anything obscure. More high tech and vintage knowledge than you'd ever find a use for and a heck of a lot more Funky than Junky.

The best independent industry site on the web.  Don't believe us ? Go and have a look.  It's full of industry links and home to a stunning collection of video interviews with music legends that no one else could get to talk. A truly unique site.

Our relationship with legendary studio designer Eddie Veale runs from right back in the 1980’s to the present day.  With facilities from iconic music studios to large university complexes and broadcast facilities Eddie’s done them all.

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