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Current News

Part of Autumn 2018 has seen us work on upgrading one of Leeds Beckett Universities studios with a 24 channel SSL AWS 928 coming into a Protools studio as well as the new SSL network I/O options allowing them to make full use of all live rooms they have at their disposal through the power of Dante.

This Summer Confetti Institute of Creative Technology underwent a huge build to greatly increase their capacity for students. With 3 new studios, 4 edit suites and 10 rehearsal rooms all housed below a bespoke new 350 capacity venue. The fantastic flagship studio houses an impressive 48 channel SSL Duality with a spectacularly large live room, Exigy main monitors and exhaustive outboard gear, including a Studer tape machine.


Studio 2 is home the heritage ASP8024 from Audient as well as boasting it's own Exigy monitors and more intimate live spaces. Spending a few months working alongside their great tech team to get the studios operational certainly made us jealous of anyone studying there.

The University of the West of England bought a new dynamic opportunity to their students with the purchasing of a BBC outside broadcasting truck. Installing a Digco SD9 console and booth large enough for a band, not just radio shows and podcasts. On top of this the whole system is designed to allow not only on-board recording and broadcasting but the ability to seamlessly incorporate with any live space they'd like to record in. Summer 2018

Peter Gabriel came to Langdale in order to upgrade his home studio during the Spring. Installing a SSL AWS 948 based around a 48 channel input Protools rig, plenty of classic outboard gear and a whole host of keyboards. 

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